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Sample Information

We require a minimum of 5ml of urine per sample in a re-sealable container (e.g. screw top vials).

Please ensure all samples are sealed securely to prevent leaking in transit.

Samples should either be mailed in leak proof packaging or absorbent materials should be used within the package in case of leaking.

Following collection, the samples should be stored in a fridge prior to submission. Long term storage should be frozen at ≤-20°C in an upright position to allow for expansion. Samples should be labelled clearly with the volume of the 24h collection and unique sample ID. If there are any clinical details or drug treatments relevant this should be noted. Samples must be shipped in leakproof containers by Royal Mail Special Delivery or by courier.

Sample Submission

For your convenience, please complete our sample submission form and include it when sending your samples.

Please send samples for urinary steroid analysis analysis to:

Urinary Steroid Analysis Section,
Alta Bioscience Ltd,
Building Y10, University of Birmingham
B15 2TT, UK

For samples shipped from outside the UK, please mark shipments as “Samples for Analysis” and include a nominal value <£10 in total on any paperwork where applicable.