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Custom Monoclonal Antibodies

AltaBioscience provides a flexible custom monoclonal antibody generation service with options to suit customer requirements. With decades of experience within our team in creating monoclonal antibodies, we act as both a consultative and commercial presence.

Accredited to ISO 9001-2008, all aspects of the work are conducted in the UK. Peptide antigen synthesis can be provided by AltaBioscience or we can source the antigen for clients. Alternatively the antigen can be supplied by the client. Timescale for the complete program is 3-6 months depending on which aspects are chosen. The service is completely customisable depending on your requirements and we aim to fulfil your needs wherever possible.

Each project is split into 5 stages and the project can be terminated at the end of each stage if requested by the client.

We offer:

  • Flexible monoclonal antibody generation package – choose the elements you require
  • All aspects of work undertaken in the UK (compliant with UK ethical review standards)
  • Options to terminate program at set stages – saving you time and money
  • Ownership of all aspects of each project lines resides wholly with the client

Monoclonal Antibody Generation Process

Our monoclonal process is identified by 5 phases. A typical monoclonal antibody project may yield up to 10 positive wells at the fusion screening stage and after cloning can deliver 2 or 3 stable monoclonal antibodies. However, the number of monoclonal antibodies generated in a project cannot be guaranteed. The project is charged per line of limiting dilution cloning to allow for ultimate flexibility and for greater numbers of candidates to be brought forward past the first stage. This gives a greater degree of flexibility in comparison to being priced by a set number of hybridomas.

Our peptide antigen synthesis service is a fast efficient way of obtaining high quality peptide antigens. Using our in-house synthesis service, our peptide chemists can also assist with design of suitable peptide antigens and provide advice on any synthesis aspects if you wish to provide your own sequence for synthesis. Antigenic sections will be selected and the final peptide will be conjugated to a carrier protein to improve immunogenicity. Other possibilities are for the antigen to be internally sourced by AltaBioscience or supplied by the client.

We will immunise the antigen into a batch of 4 BALB/C mice, injecting initially three times over a period of 5 weeks and take serum samples on day 45 for assay. ELISA assays will be performed as part of service, using the immunised antigen. Serum samples (20-40ul) can also be despatched to the client for verification of specificity in further assays if required. If suitable titres are achieved, we will proceed to fusion. If poor responses are obtained, we will re-boost the animals (up to an additional 2 times) and take a further test sample(s).

No work can begin until Ethical Approval has been granted. Estimated turn around for this is 1-2 weeks from receipt of proposal.
We will only proceed to the fusion stage if satisfactory titres are achieved. If suitable titres are not achieved, the client has the option to terminate the programme at this stage, incurring no additional costs.

The ‘fusion’ cell culture stages include myeloma growth and preparation, fusion (using spleens from the two best responding mice), assay by ELISA of all colonies (20 x 96 well plates), cell culture maintenance and cryopreservation of up to 20 best binders.

For the assay, we will screen all colonies against the immunised antigen. Screening plates can be shipped to the client for further assays on the understanding that the testing is time sensitive.

In order to ensure that we have stable cell lines, candidates will require to be placed through rounds of limiting dilution cloning. We charge this on a per cell line basis of for each round of limiting dilution cloning (2-3 rounds of which might be required in order to ensure clonality).

ELISAs will be performed at each stage to assess the candidates, with results being provided at each stage. Plates can be provided for further testing by the client if required.

Upon confirmation of clonality and stability, lines will be scaled up and purified to produce 2-5mg of antibody (which will be shipped to the client). A working cell bank of 5 ampoules will also be created and stored for up to 1 year as part of service.

Additional Services

Cell lines can be scaled to any volume depending on specific requirements. Our processes use roller bottles cultures which allow for greater expression levels in comparison to other methods.

We can scale up cell lines into volumes of 500ml to 100 litres concurrently in either serum supplemented or serum-free media, with the scope of producing higher quantities in batches if required.

Serum-free media, in comparison to serum supplemented media, will ensure resultant purified mAb is homogeneous murine without any issue of contaminating with bovine antibody which could co-purify when using serum supplemented medium. Additionally, serum-free media tends to provide 25% greater antibody yield.

For more information, please email us at or call us on +44(0)1527 584495 to speak to one of our experts.