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DNA Oligo Synthesis

For more than 20 years AltaBioscience have been supplying custom DNA oligos of outstanding quality for various applications in a ready-to-use form. We offer a full range of modifications and fluorescently tagged primers.

We pride ourselves on a fast turnaround with next day dispatch.

For routine PCR and sequencing applications, we offer a range of scales and purity options.

  • 0.05umole, small scale (default)
  • 0.2umole, standard scale (default)
  • 1.0umole, large scale
  • 15umole, large scale

For all oligos incorporating modifications and special bases, the minimum synthesis scale is 0.2umole.

*Please note that these are starting scales. Your final product may contain less than that amount due to synthesis and purification losses.

Purification method Description Application
Synthesis grade (no additional purification) Synthesis grade oligos are suitable for use in routine PCR and sequencing applications. Recommended for routine PCR and sequencing applications.
Desalting (gel filtration chromatography) Any residual salts are removed by gel filtration chromatography. Desalt is an essential minimum for mutagenesis work, and recommended for AFLP and microarrays. Recommended for mutagenesis work.
Reverse phase cartridge purification This is the most popular method for routine removal of any truncated sequences. Recommended for cloning and insertion.
Reverse phase HPLC Reverse phase HPLC purification producing high purity oligos, with chromatograms provided for QC purposes. HPLC is ideal for larger synthesis scales up to multiple milligrams of oligo yield. Recommended for high purity modified oligos, e.g. molecular probes and large scale oligos.