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Histone Peptides

AltaBioscience provide custom synthesis of histone peptides. These are available as individual histone peptides or as sets in the following formats:

  • Unbound peptides in deep well trays
  • Peptides immobilised on micro titre plates
  • Peptides immobilised on microarray slides
  • A ready-to-use kit, containing two microarray slides complete with buffers

Our microarrays are ideal for assay development, regulatory studies and assessing the quality of antibodies used in reporter systems, these peptides are also powerful tools for epigenetic studies including:

  • protein-protein interactions
  • enzyme affinity studies
  • antibody screening assays

Each histone peptide can include post-translational modifications including acetylation, methylation, phosphorylation and citrullination.

Stock histone peptides and histone peptide sets

AltaBioscience has a selection of individual histone peptides and 5 different ready-to-use histone peptide sets available for purchase.

For information regarding the sequence and purity of the histone peptides, please contact us.

If the individual histone peptide or set you require is not available, please contact us at to discuss custom synthesis requirements.