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Peptide antigens for antibody generation

AltaBioscience produce custom peptide antigens for use in antibody generation. We can assist in peptide antigen design and offer both multiple antigenic peptides (MAPS) and peptide-protein conjugates.

In addition, we can simultaneously synthesis an affinity column to enable purification of your serum generated. Our affinity columns can be used repeated times and offer a robust, ready-to-use product for antibody purification. We also provide both a monoclonal and polyclonal antibody generation service.

1. Multi antigenic peptides (MAPs) are an effective method of raising antibodies using synthetic peptides. Eight identical peptide chains are synthesized joined to a common poly lysine core. The molecular weight of these peptides, (10kDa-15kDa) is sufficient for them to be highly immunogenic without the need to couple to a carrier protein

This technique gives very high titres and works for any epitope except the extreme C-terminus of a protein.

2. Peptide – protein conjugates

We can also provide peptides covalently bound to carrier proteins such as KLH. These can be useful when the epitope is at the C-terminus of the peptide.

In this process the peptide is synthesized in the conventional way with a Cys group at either the C-term or the N-term, then conjugated to the carrier protein in a separate operation.

All our peptide antigens are purified by dialysis ready for use in antibody production.

Our laboratory has developed the technology to make peptides covalently bound to controlled pore glass, (Peptide – CPG) for use as affinity columns. This material has many advantages over other types of support, it has good flow rates, is mechanically and chemically very robust with almost an indefinite lifetime

  • These columns are intended for use to purify antibodies raised by the MAPs version of the same peptide.
  • The columns are re-usable and have a peptide loading of about 25umole/g.
  • The pore size of the controlled pore glass is large enough for any antibody to enter freely.
  • They can be made at the same time as the MAPs peptide, ensuring a very cost effective synthesis option.

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