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Individual Histone Peptides

Our histone peptides are derived from human Histone H1, Histone H2A, Histone H2B, Histone H3 and Histone H4. Supplied in 0.5mg amounts, these peptides may contain various post translational modifications or are biotinylated for immobilising on a suitable support. Ideal for epigenetic studies, binding studies or ELISA use, our peptides are purified by reverse phase HPLC and freeze-dried ready for immediate shipping.


Please contact us to place an order or enquire about bulk orders.

Histone peptides from H2B

Histone source Modifications Histone peptide sequence Catalog no. Quantity GBP
H2B(15-35) K20ac biotin KKAVT-K(ac)-AQKKDGKKRKRSRKE-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS09 0.5mg £99

Histone peptides from H3

Histone source Modifications Histone peptide sequence Catalog no. Quantity GBP
H3(1-21) K4me2 biotin ART-K(Me2)-QTARKSTGGKAPRKQLA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS04 0.5mg £99
H3(1-21) K9me biotin ARTKQTAR-K(Me)-STGGKAPRKQLA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS05 0.5mg £99
H3(1-21) K4ac biotin ART-K(ac)-QTARKSTGGKAPRKQLA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS06 0.5mg £85
H3(1-21) K9ac, K14ac biotin ARTKQTAR-K(ac)-STGG-K(ac)-APRKQLA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS07 0.5mg £85
H3(4-24) biotin acetyl-KQTARKSTGGKAPRKQLATKA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS08 0.5mg £85
H3(8-28) acetyl-RKSTGGKAPRKQLATKAARKS-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS10 0.5mg £85
H3(20-40) biotin acetyl-LATKAARKSAPATGGVKKPHR-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS14 0.5mg £85
H3(14-34) biotin-ahx biotin-ahx-KAPRKQLATKAARKSAPATGG HS15 0.5mg £85
H3(1-21) K9ac ARTKQTAR-K(ac)-STGGKAPRKQLA HS16 0.5mg £75
H3(1-8) K4me3 + GGC ART-K(Me3)-QTARGGC-amide HS18 0.5mg £99
H3(1-8) + GGC ART-K(Me)-QTARGGC-amide HS22 0.5mg £99
H3(13-30) K23ac + ST biotin GKAPRKQLAT-K(ac)-AARKSAPST–K(Biotin)-amide HS24 0.5mg £85
H3(51-61) K56ac, biotin biotin-IRRYQ-K(ac)-STELL HS25 0.5mg £85
H3(1-21) biotin ARTKQTARKSTGGKAPRKQLA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS27 0.5mg £85
H3(1-21) K9me2, K14ac biotin ARTKQTAR-K(Me2)-STGG-K(ac)-APRKQLA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS29 0.5mg £99
H3(1-21) K9me3, K14ac biotin ARTKQTAR-K(Me3)-STGG-K(ac)-APRKQLA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS30 0.5mg £99
H3(1-21) K9ac biotin ARTKQTAR-K(ac)-STGGKAPRKQLA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS31 0.5mg £85
H3(11-31) K23ac biotin acetyl-TGGKAPRKQLAT-K(ac)AARKSAPA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS32 0.5mg £85
H3(23-43) K36ac biotin acetyl-KAARKSAPATGGV-K(ac)-KPHRYRP-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS33 0.5mg £85
H3(1-21) K9M ARTKQTARMSTGGKAPRKQLA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS35 0.5mg £85
H3(1-21) K9ac, K14ac ARTKQTAR-K(ac)-STGG-K(ac)-APRKQLA HS37 0.5mg £75
H3(1-21) K9ac, K14ac ARTKQTAR-K(ac)-STGG-K(ac)-APRKQLA-ahx-K-amide HS38 0.5mg £75
H3(1-40) K14ac, K18ac biotin ARTKQTARKSTGG-K(ac)-APR-K(ac)-QLATKAARKSAPATGGVKKPHR-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS43 0.5mg £85
H3(1-40) biotin ARTKQTARKSTGGKAPRKQLATKAARKSAPATGGVKKP HR -ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS44 0.5mg £85
H3(1-21) Ci2 biotin A-Cit-TKQTARKSTGGKAPRKQLA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS45 0.5mg £85
H3(1-21) Ci8 biotin ARTKQTA-Cit-KSTGGKAPRKQLA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS46 0.5mg £85
H3(1-21) Ci2, Ci8, Ci17 biotin A-Cit-TKQTA-Cit-KSTGGKAP-Cit-KQLA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS47 0.5mg £85
H3(12-38) biotin acetyl-GGKAPRKQLATKAARKSAPATGGVKKP-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS48 0.5mg £85
H3(1-21) K9me3 ARTKQTAR-K(Me3)-STGGKAPRKQLA HS49 0.5mg £99
H3(1-21) K4me3 ART-K(Me3)-QTARKSTGGKAPRKQLA HS50 0.5mg £99
H3(9-19) K14ac + C acetyl-KSTGG-K(ac)-APRKQC-amide HS51 0.5mg £75
H3(18-28) K23ac + C acetyl-KQLAT-K(ac)-AARKSC-amide HS52 0.5mg £75
H3(29-43) K36me biotin acetyl-APATGGV-K(Me)-KPHRYRP-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS54 0.5mg £85
H3(1-21) K4me2 ART-K(Me2)-QTARKSTGGKAPRKQLA HS55 0.5mg £99
H3(1-21) K9me2 ARTKQTAR-K(Me2)-STGGKAPRKQLA HS56 0.5mg £99
H3(1-21) K14ac ARTKQTARKSTGG-K(ac)-APRKQLA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS59 0.5mg £85
H3(1-21) K4me3 biotin ART-K(Me3)-QTARKSTGGKAPRKQLA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS60 0.5mg £99
H3(1-21) K9me3 biotin ARTKQTAR-K(Me3)-STGGKAPRKQLA-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS61 0.5mg £99
H3(1-21) K14ac ARTKQTARKSTGG-K(ac)-APRKQLA-ahx-amide HS62 0.5mg £75
H3(10-17) K14ac STGG-K(ac)-APR-ahx-amide HS63 0.5mg £75
H3(9-17) K9ac, K14ac K(ac)-STGG-K(ac)-APR-ahx-amide HS64 0.5mg £75
H3(8-17) K9ac, K14ac RK(ac)-STGG-K(ac)-APR-ahx-amide HS65 0.5mg £75

Histone peptides from H4

Histone source Modifications Histone peptide sequence Catalog no. Quantity GBP
H4(1-21) K5ac, K8ac, K12ac, biotin SGRG-K(ac)-GG-K(ac)-GLG-K(ac)-GGAKRHRKV-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS01 0.5mg £85
H4(1-21) K5ac, K8ac, K12ac, biotin SGRG-K(ac)-GG-K(ac)-GLG-K(ac)-GGAKRHRKV-K(Biotin)-amide HS02 0.5mg £85
H4(1-21) K5ac, K12ac biotin SGRG-K(ac)-GGKGLG-K(ac)-GGAKRHRKV-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS11 0.5mg £85
H4(1-21) K5ac, K12ac biotin SGRG-K(ac)-GGKGLG-K(ac)-GGAKRHRKV-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS11 0.5mg £85
H4(1-21) K5ac SGRG-K(ac)-GGKGLGKGGAKRHRKV-amide HS12 0.5mg £75
H4(6-26) K11ac, K15ac biotin GGKGLG-K(ac)-GGA-K(ac)-RHRKVLRDNI-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS13 0.5mg £85
H4(1-21) K12ac biotin SGRGKGGKGLG-K(ac)-GGAKRHRKV-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS17 0.5mg £85
H4(1-21) K5ac, K8ac, K12ac SGRG-K(ac)-GG-K(ac)-GLG-K(ac)-GGAKRHRKV HS20 0.5mg £75
H4(1-21) K5ac, K8ac, K12ac SGRG-K(ac)-GG-K(ac)-GLG-K(ac)-GGAKRHRKV HS20 0.5mg £75
H4(1-21) K5ac, K12ac SGRG-K(ac)-GGKGLG-K(ac)-GGAKRHRKV HS21 0.5mg £75
H4(1-21) K5ac acetyl-SGRG-K(ac)-GGKGLGKGGAKRHRKV HS23 0.5mg £75
H4(1-20) K12ac biotin SGRGKGGKGLG-K(Ac)-GGAKRHRK HS26 0.5mg £75
H4(1-21) K16ac biotin SGRGKGGKGLGKGGA-K(ac)-RHRKV-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS34 0.5mg £85
H4(1-21) K5ac SGRG-K(ac)-GGKGLGKGGAKRHRKV HS36 0.5mg £75
H4(1-21) K8ac, K12ac SGRGKGG-K(ac)-GLG-K(ac)-GGAKRHRKV HS39 0.5mg £75
H4(1-21) K8ac SGRGKGG-K(ac)-GLGKGGAKRHRKV HS40 0.5mg £75
H4(1-21) K5ac, K8ac SGRG-K(ac)-GG-K(ac)-GLGKGGAKRHRKV HS41 0.5mg £75
H4(1-21) K5ac, K8ac biotin SGRG-K(ac)-GG-K(ac)-GLGKGGAKRHRKV-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS42 0.5mg £85
H4(1-19) K5ac, K8ac, K12ac, K16ac + C acetyl-SGRG-K(ac)-GG-K(ac)-GLG-K(ac)-GGA-K(ac)-RHRC-amide HS53 0.5mg £75
H4(9-29) biotin acetyl-GLGKGGAKRHRKVLRDNIQGI-ahx-K(Biotin)-amide HS57 0.5mg £85

For bulk amounts of any of these peptides, please contact us for a quotation by emailing or telephoning +44(0)1527 584495 to speak to one of our team.