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With more than 40 years of experience, AltaBioscience has been supplying custom DNA oligos and primers of outstanding quality for various applications in a ready-to-use form. We offer a full range of modifications, scales, purification options and fluorescently tagged primers.

DNA oligo synthesis options available are from 0.2 umole starting scale upwards and can be supplied with the following purification options:

  • HPLC purification
  • Desalt purification
  • Unpurified

We can also supply your oligo immobilised on CPG for conjugation options prior to cleavage.

As specialists in DNA-peptide conjugates, our laboratory can also provide DNA-peptide conjugates made to your specific requirements.

Our custom DNA oligo synthesis service offers single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) with a fast turnaround. Each oligo is supplied as dry material in individual tubes with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) detailing melting temperature (Tm), molecular weight (MW) and concentration information for reconstruction.

Applications for DNA oligos and DNA primers

Oligos are used routinely for the following applications:

  • PCR primers
  • For DNA sequencing applications
  • Conjugation to a peptide carrier e.g., to transport a peptide inside the cell nucleus
  • Gene detection

Oligo synthesis scales

Whichever option you select, all our oligos undergo the same rigorous QC testing prior to shipment to ensure that you receive the quality product you expect.

Oligo synthesis scales available:

  • 0.2 umole, standard scale (default)
  • 1.0 umole, large scale
  • 15 umole, extra large scale

For all oligos incorporating modifications and special bases, the minimum synthesis scale is 0.2umole.

*Please note that these are starting scales. Your final product may contain less than that amount due to synthesis and purification losses.

DNA purification options

Altabioscience offers several options for the purification of your DNA oligo primers. By default, oligos are supplied with desalt purification. However, there are options for supplying HPLC purified oligos or unpurified material as needed by your application.

Desalting (gel filtration chromatography)

Any residual salts are removed by gel filtration chromatography. The salts arise as a consequence of the side protecting groups being removed during cleavage. Desalt is an essential minimum for mutagenesis work and is recommended for AFLP and microarrays.

Reverse phase HPLC

Reverse phase HPLC purification produces high purity oligos and removes truncations and residual salts. HPLC is ideal where high purity is a requirement e.g. molecular probes and for larger synthesis scales.

Synthesis grade (no additional purification)

Synthesis grade oligos are suitable for use in routine PCR and sequencing applications. Synthesis grade oligos are recommended for routine PCR and sequencing applications.

Custom oligo synthesis services

DNA oligonucleotides (oligos) are synthesised using solid phase methods. The synthesis is performed using automated synthesisers where reactions proceed rapidly, one base addition occurring every 4 minutes with very high efficiencies. The chemistry is well established with the base at the 3’ of the target oligo being attached to a controlled pore glass support, with the oligo grown automatically base by base towards the 5’ end.

Our laboratory offers a wide range of oligos and can incorporate various modifications both at the 5’ and 3’ positions and also internal modification in the sequence.

Degenerate oligos (mixed bases) of any combination can be added at any position at no extra cost.

Codes for degenerate bases

These are the internationally agreed codes when degenerate or mixed bases are required.

Unusual bases

Internal modified bases e.g. Inosine, Uracil, Oxo dG, Bromo dU and Hydroxy dC can be added anywhere along the chain.

3’ and 5’ modifications

These include groups such as biotin, amino, thiol, phosphate groups or linkers. Incorporation of dyes and quenchers at the 3’ end is available with options such as BHQ 1, BHQ 2, BHQ 3, Dabcyl and FAM readily available.

Storage and dilution of oligos


Sterile water must be used to dissolve and dilute oligos as organisms will digest DNA very rapidly. We advise reconstituting your oligo and aliquoting to usable amounts before freezing.


Oligos should be stored at -20⁰C. To avoid repeated freeze/thawing and the risk of contamination, aliquot into smaller vials once reconstituted.


All oligos are sent dry by courier and are stable during shipping.

To order custom DNA oligo primers or to get a quotation, please get in touch via the request a quote form. Our privacy policy covers all correspondence with data including sequences only shared with relevant AltaBioscience staff.

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