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Antibody generation

We provide flexible and professional antibody generation of both polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies through our trusted partners, together with a large range of associated services including optimisation and production of antibody from existing hybridomas, adaptation of cells to serum-free conditions, bulk antibody production and purification. We also provide custom synthesis services for the generation of the peptide antigens.


With 50 years of established expertise, our certified ISO 9001 laboratory is based in the UK and serves clients all around the world.


We work with UK-based antibody generation facilities as our preferred partners for both monoclonal and polyclonal custom antibodies. With all facilities based in the UK, we are able to offer a fast and efficient managed service.


All production and services are conducted entirely in facilities within the UK adhering to stringent UK Home Office licensing ensuring the highest level of animal welfare.


You will have expert advice from our experienced scientists, who will collaborate and guide you from your initial enquiry through to completion of your project.


We specialise in delivering bespoke packages which are designed to be flexible and can be tailored to meet your specific specific requirements.


You can be assured of high quality service with AltaBioscience providing the skills in peptide antigen design and synthesis together with the expertise from our partners for antibody generation.


We routinely work with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, research institutes, university academics and contract manufacturing companies.

Antibody generation services

Here at Altabioscience, we have a wide range of options for the production of both monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antibodies. Contact us to learn more or if you have any questions.

Monoclonal antibody generation
Flexible monoclonal antibody generation choosing the elements you require suited to your specific requirements.
We can provide peptide antigen synthesis or source the antigen for clients. Alternatively the antigen can be supplied by the client.
Timescale for the complete program is 3-6 months depending on the scope of the project.
Each project is split into five stages and projects can be terminated at the end of each stage if requested, saving you time and money.
Ownership of all aspects of each project lines resides wholly with the client
Polyclonal antibody generation
We offer a comprehensive production package or you can select only those elements of the service you require
Polyclonal antibodies against a range of peptides, proteins, live bacteria, viruses and a gene gun.
Protein antigens can be sourced internally or supplied by you, or we can provide peptide antigen synthesise to your design. This can be as an 8-branched MAPs peptide or peptide-protein conjugate.
Custom immunisation in rabbit or sheep, ideal when large amounts of serum are needed.
Production of affinity columns for purification.
Purification of the custom antibodies either by protein A, G or by an affinity column.
ELISA testing of test bleeds against target.

Antibody generation process

Process of monoclonal antibody generation

Our monoclonal antibody generation process is identified by five phases. A typical monoclonal antibody project may yield up to 10 positive wells at the fusion screening stage and, after cloning, can deliver two or three stable monoclonal antibodies. However, the number of monoclonal antibodies generated in a project cannot be guaranteed. The project is charged per line of limiting dilution cloning to allow for ultimate flexibility and for greater numbers of candidates to be brought forward past the first stage. This gives a greater degree of flexibility in comparison to being priced by a set number of hybridomas. Read more about custom monoclonal antibodies.

Process of polyclonal antibody generation

The standard inoculation procedure for a polyclonal antibody in a rabbit involves six immunisations at two-week intervals and three bleeds (with an additional pre-immune bleed). If required, this program can be modified and/or extended to fit specific requirements, provided it complies with the licence held by the animal facility. The standard program uses Freund’s Adjuvant but other adjuvants are available on request. Test bleeds are available for client assays after each bleed if required. The terminal serum is delivered at the end of the program, either raw or purified. Read more about custom polyclonal antibodies.

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