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Sample types

We can perform sequencing on different types of sample including:

  • Proteins in solution
  • Gel bands
  • PVDF blot

Blots must be sent on a PVDF membrane only. However we are also able to transfer samples should this be required. If you have requirements outside our standard specification, or any other queries, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Please note there is a requirement of a minimum of five sequencing cycles.

Specific amino acids

Cysteine: Cysteine residues require modification to a stable derivative before sequencing. Please inform us if you require positive identification of cysteine.

Proline: Where possible, information regarding the position of any proline residues is desirable if a long read is required, as they can cause read overlaps which interfere with accurate sequencing. AltaBioscience has a protocol to reduce the overlap possibility to improve sequencing reads.

Staining of samples:

We are unable to provide sequencing for silver or gold stained samples. Widely available and compatible stains include:

  • Ponceau S
  • Amido black
  • Coomassie, or equivalent

Sample submission

For your convenience, please complete our Protein sequencing sample submission and include it when sending your samples.

Please send samples for protein sequencing to:

Protein sequencing section,
Alta Bioscience Ltd,
37, Walkers Road
Manor Side
B98 9HE, UK

Samples can be posted by ordinary mail but the use of padded bags is highly recommended as envelopes tend to tear in the sorting machines. Blots, gel slices and beads are usually very stable during shipping, so there is no need to freeze the samples. Please do not send whole gels by post.

For samples shipped from outside the UK, please mark shipments as “Samples for Analysis” and include a nominal value <£10 in total on any paperwork where applicable.

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