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Amino acid analysis of food

Amino Acid Analysis

Amino acid analysis enables the accurate determination of the protein content or concentration of products and samples. With more than 40 years’ experience and UKAS accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2017, AltaBioscience provides unrivalled expertise and accuracy.

Our technique of post column detection, which measures individual amino acids, avoids the potential for over estimation of protein reported with other techniques. This allows us to analyse the amino acid content of products and samples containing other non protein compounds whereas other methods require very pure protein samples to determine accurate protein content.

We routinely analyse and quantify:

  • food and drink products including special low protein dietary and nutritional products
  • purified peptides or proteins
  • blood serum
  • cell culture fluids
  • analysis of taurine in pet foods and sports drinks
  • analysis of phenylalanine

We offer a fast turnaround, quantification of all 20 natural amino acids as well as some non-standard amino acids and can analyse samples from GMP processes.

Our highly skilled specialists will be able to offer you professional assistance throughout the whole project.

More details can be found on the sample information page or in our technical document.

For more information, please email us at or call us on +44(0)1527 584495 to speak to one of our experts.