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Custom peptide synthesis

Our ISO 9001-certified laboratory specialises in custom peptide synthesis and has served academics and commercial clients worldwide for over 50 years. 

We are focused on quality and customer satisfaction. We deliver custom peptides according to stringent analytical specifications, and the purified peptides undergo QC with HPLC and mass spectrometry.

Whether you require 1mg or multigram amounts with purities from screening grade to >95%, our peptide synthesis service is used by pharma, academia, and biotech companies worldwide. Ideal for antibody generation, drug and vaccine development, DNA-peptide conjugation, and protein research, our scientists are experts in complex custom peptide synthesis.

Fast, reliable turnaround

Our custom peptide synthesis services work within industry-leading turnaround times, with standard small-scale peptides completed within 7-10 working days.

Direct contact with experts

From your initial enquiry right through to the design and synthesis of the peptide, our highly skilled specialists will offer you professional and prompt advice throughout your project.

Bespoke service

We synthesise custom peptides with a flexible range of scales (from 1 mg to multi-gram amounts) and purities to match your specifications. Additional services such as solubility testing, aliquoting, exact concentration determination, and analytical testing are also available upon request.

Expertise across many industries

We routinely work with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, research institutes, university academics and contract manufacturing companies.


ISO 9001-certified laboratory in the UK with longstanding expertise of 50 years serving clients globally.

We offer additional options for peptide identification using amino acid analysis, which provides net peptide content, and N-terminal protein sequencing, which provides the order of the amino acids in the peptide sequence. You can also buy peptides from our laboratory, which are ready to ship worldwide. 

Custom peptide synthesis services

We offer the following custom peptide synthesis services to customers worldwide from our ISO 9001-certified laboratory. 

Custom peptide synthesis services
Linear peptides from trimers up to peptides lengths of >99 amino acids (sequence dependent) of various complexity
Custom peptides with a diverse spectrum of modifications and post-translational modifications
Peptide antigens for antibody generation (e.g., MAPs peptides with reusable affinity columns suitable for serum purification, BSA or KLH conjugated peptides)
DNA oligo-peptide conjugates
Peptides with fluorescent tags incorporated at both C and N termini
Peptide libraries and microarrays – Useful to generate overlapping peptides for screening large proteins and for epitope studies
Structurally constrained peptides (e.g., head to tail cyclisation, disulfide bridged peptides, stapled peptides)
Microarrays with individual peptides immobilised on a microscope slide
Isotopically labelled peptides

Peptide synthesis applications

Peptide Synthesis being carried out in the laboratory by one of our Peptide ChemistsPeptides are used in various applications and have distinct advantages over proteins in that they can be easily defined and synthesised quickly and consistently. Peptides used as therapeutics are a fast-growing area, with an increasing number of peptides being used in drug therapies, vaccines, and cosmetics. Coupled with DNA, peptide cargo can easily transport into cells (DNA-peptide conjugates).

The high flexibility and well-established methods for peptide synthesis allow the production of carefully designed custom peptides that can be used for:

  • The generation of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies when used as peptide antigens;
  • Determining the specificity of an antibody in competitive binding assays;
  • The contract manufacture of LFD devices;
  • ELISA assays as positive controls and enzyme immunological assays in inhibition and interaction studies;
  • Epitope studies when screening proteins;
  • Drug discovery;
  • Biological structure and function when used as probes;
  • Interaction studies, e.g. protein-protein or ligand-receptor;
  • NMR studies;
  • Drugs in clinical trials;
  • The targeted delivery of drugs when used as drug delivery systems.

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